2023 David Spashett Cup

The 2023 David Spashett Cup will run over 3 race meetings starting on the 28th of May at the Kambah asphalt track.

This series will be open to ACTMCRC members racing in the ISTC 21.5 or ISTC 13.5 touring car classes (and potentially Tamiya TT02/Novice numbers permitting).

All three rounds will count towards the final series points tally.

The ISTC 13.5 class will use a control tyre. Each competitor will be allocated a maximum of 2 sets of tyres (8 tyres total) to be used in the series. The tyres will be Volante V9X 36R. The club has tyres available for purchase ($45). Control tyres are not mandatory to race, however if a non control tyre is used in any race, that competitor will be excluded from the series.

About David Spashett

The International Scale Touring Car (ISTC) class was added to the IFMAR Electric On-Road World Championships as a provisional category in 1998 when the race was held in Newcastle, England. British driver David Spashett drove the Trinity powered XX-4 buggy-based Team Losi Racing Street Weapon to the title. He also won the 1/12 and Pro 10 at the same event! The only time a driver has ever achieved such a feat.