GT12 Information

What is GT12?

GT12 is our close easy racing 1/12th chassis class. Started at our Carpet Burn Series, we found that slapping in a 21.5 motor and a GT body on a standard 1/12th chassis equals close, controllable and fun racing on the inconsistent EPIC carpet surface. During the testing phase of finding an alternative carpet solution here in Australia it was our goto chassis to get your eye in and test different tire combinations. Although there are “GT12” purpose built chassis on the market that use different rear wheels, we have opted for the standard rear wheels you would find on most 1/12th cars, this makes converting that old car into a GT12 beast all the easier, however we do ask that those rear wheels stay inside the the GT12 body that’s cut to the mould lines (no slamming). GT12 is about having fun and giving 1/12 racing a go, so get those dusty chassis out, put on a cool looking 1/12th GT body and start racing these little beasts.

GT12 Rules

  1. Chassis: Any 1/12th electric onroad car
  2. Motor: 21.5 brushless motor
  3. Gearing: Open (but start at around 85-90mm rollout)
  4. ESC: 1s non-timing ESC in its “blinky” mode
  5. Battery: 1s hardcase LiPo Max Battery Voltage: 4.20v
  6. Tires/Rims: black and round (Ulti XM/XSS is a good place to start)
  7. Body: 1/12th GT style body (no LMP bodies). Weight: over 750g
  8. Minimum Ground Clearance: 3mm
  9. Maximum Width: Wheels should not pass outside the body
  10. Body Height/Wing: Bodies must be cut to the body lines.

Rollout Calculator

Calculating Rollout

  1. Measure tyre diameter, then multiple by π (3.14...) = Tyre Diameter x π
  2. Calculate spur / pinion gear ratio = Spur/Pinion
  3. Calculate rollout (Tyre Diameter x π)/(Spur/Pinion)
  1. 46 (mm) x π (3.14...) ≈ 144.51326206513048
  2. 80 (spur) / 47 (pinion) ≈1.70
  3. 144.51326206513048 / 1.70 ≈ 85mm rollout