Event Details

Event Details

2024 RCRA ACT Titles
Friday 6th of September
Sunday 8th of September
ISTC 21.5, ISTC 13.5, 1:12th Mod, ISTC Junior, ISTC Mod, 1:12th 13.5, TCR

Additional Information

The ACT Titles are an RCRA sanctioned event. For full event rules see RCRA E.P. Section On Road GENERAL & TECHNICAL RULES

Confirmed Entries
Drivers are reminded entry is conditional on being a member of an affiliated RCRA EP club. Entries are confirmed once payment is recieved. Please note: The confirmation status of entries is updated daily when accounts are reconciled. The date and time of the transaction is recorded against your entry.

Updating Entry Details
Please click on the "Update" button next to your entry in the "My Entries" section to update your entry details including the RCRA affiliated EP club for which you hold a current membership.

Control Tyres

Tyre Additive

Tyre Cleaner

ISTC Junior Sportsman
ISTC Junior Sportsman additional information from the RCRA E.P. Section On Road GENERAL & TECHNICAL RULES

  • ISTC Junior Sportsman are to use a controlled Motor
  • Approved Motor: Hobbywing Xerun Justock G2 21.5t. P/N HWA30408007 or XY309960 (XRS version)
  • No motor modifications are allowed.
  • Any non-boosted RCRA approved ESC
  • A gear ratio limit is to be run. This is to protect the motors from excess heat caused by over gearing and keep performance equal. Gear ratio checks may be requested at any time by the technical inspector. Min FDR 3.8

TCR Demo Class
Control tyres TBA.
As TCR is a demo class it may not have the same number of qualifying or final rounds as RCRA sanctioned classes. Demo classes require a minimum of 4 entrants. If a demo class is unable to be run, any entry fees will be refunded before the event.
Click here for rules

Race Fees

  • $45 for first class
  • $30 for each additional class
  • $40 per set of control tyres
  • $30 to enter TCR
  • Junior Sportsman free

Entry List (Event entries: 17)

Istc 21.5 Touring Cars


# Driver Transponder
1 Nic Cresswell 7820485 Pending
2 Adam Pearce 9686006 Pending
3 Tomas Buratovich 1476823 Pending
4 Matthew O'Loughlin Pending
5 Darryl Helmers 8074542 Pending
6 Scott Griffiths 5959471 Pending
7 Greg Rossiter 5689029 Pending
8 Darrell Knight 8493630 Pending
9 Phillip Merrick 4856767 Pending

Istc 13.5 Touring Cars


# Driver Transponder
1 Marco Mak 9905628 Pending
2 Mark Wallin Pending
3 Milenko Rogic 3474902 Pending
4 Christian Searl 8170638 Pending
5 Alex Brown 2901368 Pending
6 Alex Ilievski 4011826 Pending

1/12th Modified


# Driver Transponder

Istc Junior Sportsman


# Driver Transponder

Istc Mod


# Driver Transponder
1 Michael Powell 3621692 Pending

1:12th 13.5


# Driver Transponder

FWD Touring Car Racing


# Driver Transponder
1 Matthew O'Loughlin Pending