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We mainly concentrate on AACMCC sanctioned classes at Kamabh covering both the 10th EP classes and the 1/10th and 1/8th IC classes.  But we allways remember that we are here for fun!

As ever, if your interested in having a run with us and are not sure which class your car suits, just come down and we will work out what best suits you and your car.


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Outdoor On Road Electric/Nitro

We have one of the best RC tracks in the ACT/New South Wales.  Our facility, located of Kett St in Kambah, boasts a properly surfaced track with track markings and barriers, a pit lane, secure storage, enclosed race control, PA system and covered drivers stand.  In addition to all this we also have 240v power, portable gazebos, and tables and chairs for use of competitors.....

Drivers Championship

The drivers Championship comprises 6 race meetings.

A race meetings comprises a number of qualifing rounds and finals, normaly two or three.  Points are allocated for where you finish in each final (if three finals are run, the best two count).

These points are used to determine the finishing results for each meeting.


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